• 2018

    August 19
    Spacemacs to Doom Migration
    An intro to Doom Emacs geared towards Spacemacs refugees.
    April 14
    Bayesian In-toot-ition
    In which I exorcise an extreme case of someone-is-wrong-on-the-internet-itis.
    March 10
    A Different Kind of Freedom February

  • 2017

    December 08
    Songwriting "Process"
    how is sonng formed
    October 23
    Wheel Turn 2
    As a cyclist, to heel turn, or not to heel turn?
    April 15
    A Crow Looked At Me
    Phil Elverum's latest album as Mount Eerie is an astonishing, tragic, harrowing listen.

  • 2016

    July 03
    Bish Bosch
    A look back at Scott Walker's most recent solo album, about four years later.

  • 2015

    December 21
    MPD + Quicksilver on OS X
    Using mpd and Quicksilver to play my music on OS X.
    October 15
    Mapping Grief By Reflections
    Trying to make sense of my own peculiar resistance to grief by looking at what thwarts it.
    September 25
    Poison Season : Kaputt :: Trouble in Dreams : Destroyer's Rubies
    Defending a glib SAT analogy about four Destroyer albums.
    April 07
    The perfect marriage of Emacs and Vim. They said he was crazy, but Sylvain Benner showed them. Oh, how he showed them all.
    March 14
    Pi Day Curmudgeonliness
    I'm a curmudgeon about Pi Day. But...

  • 2014

    November 22
    My Own Personal Editor War
    The nutshell summary of several years' worth of agonizing about text editors.
    November 08
    My Best Bug Fix of the Year
    I tracked down and worked around a gloriously esoteric bug in Microsoft's C libraries.
    July 11
    Generating Level Maps for Tone Poem
    An approach to generating (and navigating) maps with a minimum of hassle for both dev and player.
    July 06
    Music in Tone Poem
    A combination of modules and hacks to get Kivy to do what I need with MIDI.
    July 03
    The Prescriptivist's Dodge
    I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just bad.
    February 20
    MIDI in Python
    The situation is... not fantastic.
    January 14
    2013 Music's Best Lines
    My favorite lines in music released in 2013.

  • 2013

    December 14
    Thoughts on Yeezus
    Yeezus is a striking left turn for Kanye West but its lyrics gross me out too much for it to make my top 10.
    December 08
    Julia Holter, Loud City Song; Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, UZU
    Two albums that are mirror images of each other in many ways but share one surprising characteristic.
    December 01
    Woodkid, The Golden Age
    Woodkid's debut LP The Golden Age is masterfully constructed but doesn't make me feel enough feelings.
    November 09
    An Amendment to an Android Widget Tutorial
    A tutorial for writing an Android widget is straightforward and easy to follow, but some parts are wrong. I attempt to amend them.
    September 29
    Cuisine Cascades
    Making an entire Indian buffet in stages.
    August 06
    Does Python Cuddle?
    I coin a term for how a particular syntactic idiom applies to Python.
    August 04
    Notes on Haskell
    An emotional roller coaster with Haskell and Project Euler.
    July 20
    Compiling Textual
    Circumventing the App Store for an Open-Source IRC Client.
    July 17
    Converting a Module to a Package
    Python code organization.
    July 16
    2013 Music Halfway Point
    My favorite music so far in 2013.
    June 21
    Python's StringIO module and a couple use cases.
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