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Where No One Has Gone Before

Light up what I reveal to no one else.
My trust, I deny even myself.
Cause I’m a man, and men don’t hurt like this, I hear!
But you can dig through the dust to find the fears
between my ears, behind my face: the final frontier.

I’m always honest, except for with my own stone heart.
I might admonish, but don’t don’t don’t don’t let’s start.
They might be giant expectations stifling me.
But I’m defiant; whether that’s enough we’ll see before long.

My crisis finding mind will put my feelings on the line.
I have no sure way to divine which thoughts invade and which are mine,
or if it is even well-defined.
Lend me your ears, I’ll grow a spine.
In this cathartic pantomime,

I’m the android who learns how to hold someone’s hand
behind obsidian walls that just crumble to sand.
And you make me a space where I let down my guard.
And we discover that touching bare wires is hard.
But we can do it!

I need to argue;
I need to roll down in the muck.
Don’t want to harm you;
it’s just my instinct when I get stuck inside my own head.
Like every man I’ve ever known, I’m fucking damaged
by learning I should stay alone with my thoughts
you pry out one by one.
Precisely what I needed done.
I can’t quite say that this is fun,
but: I don’t have my wisdom teeth either.
So take me off the Goddamn ether!

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