Walrus Entourage 2

Based on the following art, “Ocean 2,” by Jenn Johnson:

A seven-panel piece of watercolor art, with the regions in three rows separated by white borders. The bottom two rows are each about twice as tall as the top row. The bottom row is completely occupied by a single large panel, whereas the top two rows are trisected, first by a diagonal going from the midpoint of the left side of the second row to a point on the top side about 1/3 of the way from the left, and then by a vertical line about 3/4 of the way across. The resulting panels are as follows: 1. Smallish trapezoid, with right angles on the left side. The background is deep blue, with some thin vertical lines separated by whitespace descending from the top border on the right and left. Between those, some wobbly horizonal stripes in a blue that's darker than the background form a rough oval, wide in the middle and narrower on the left and right. 2. A slightly larger trapezoid. The top, right and bottom sides are parallel to the paper's edges, the left side sloped up and to the right. The contents are light blue strokes, splotchy and varying in saturation but narrow and fairly consistent in width. The strokes are parallel to the angle of the left side of the panel. 3. A small rectangle containing hazy, slightly desaturated purple in rough placid horizontal bands. They increase in saturation significantly toward the bottom. 4. A small right triangle with the right angle in the upper left, slightly taller than it is wide. It's the same purple as panel 3, with jagged, irregular dark shapes against a lighter background of vertical strokes. 5. A large panel, rectangular but for the right triangle making up panel 4 sliced out of its upper left corder. It contains multiple spirally swirls, narrower in the center of the spiral and thicker towards the outside, in the blues and purple from the previous panels. The top two thirds is mostly made up of the light blue, the bottom left third dark blue, and purple in the remaining bottom right. The spiral shape is most pronounced in the dark blue swirls, with the light blue and purple being more amorphous. The very top has some more of the diagonal light blue strokes from panel 2, and the bottom left is very dark purple. 6. A tall rectangle. Various horizontally oriented shapes in the same three colors start out thicker on the left and become thinner and more densely packed on the right. The purple shapes, in the bottom half, seem to be continuing from the previous panel. The shapes above them are dark blue, and there are light blue ones at the top and in the lower right. 7. The largest panel, the rectangle occupying the entire bottom row. It uses the same three colors as previous panels, all in horizontally-oriented waves that are thin on either end and wider in the middle and curve up and down. There's a tendril of purple, compsed of the aforementioned waves, extending from the left side that starts out covering almost the entire height of the panel but narrows to nothing as it proceeds to the right, and some light blue waves around it which grow to the right side as the purple tendril shrinks. But they are all overlaid by the deep blue waves, covering the entire panel so that it is predominantly deep blue. The last panel gives the impression of constant motion which is both hectic and lively.