Walrus Entourage 1

Based on the following art, “Ocean 1,” by Jenn Johnson:

A four-panel piece of watercolor art, with panels separated by white borders. In order from left to right and top to bottom: 1. A tall, narrow panel containing a chaotic swirl of purple and dark blue, very dense. 2. A rectangular panel with a white border slicing off a small right triangle from the lower right corner. The larger piece has empty space on the left side and a somewhat chaotic but less dense swirl of colors on the right: light blue, cyan and purple zebra-esque non-overlapping stripes with a dark blue amorphous blob overlaid on them. The small triangle is a uniform purple, darker at the bottom. 3. Another tall narrow panel, split vertically in two pieces looking like a blocky lowercase i. The top one has very light blue non-overlapping shapes a bit like ripples on water. The bottom is very dense with dark blue swirls oriented in three vertical bars whose widths vary widely and erratically from top to bottom. The top and bottom of the panel are overlaid with many curved dark purple horizontal bars, denser at the edges. 4. The largest panel, divided diagonally into two subpanels by the same border that split panel 2. The left subpanel contains dark blue and purple curves winding sinuously from the lower left to the top right, with lighter blue and purple patches around them in similar shapes. The right subpanel has light blue stripes curving downward from the top, overlaid with very dark and irregular purple horizontal curved stripes. Below all this, there's a dark purple spidery shape with lighter purple flamelike blotches emanating from it, and a swath of dark blue just to its left.