The Ice World

You let the tears flow. They turn to icicles before they even hit your chin.
It’s seven years though; you’d think somewhere along the line I’d learn to let you in.

But I’m a ice king! My crystal castle keeps me safe above the noisy scrum.
It ain’t a nice thing. I tell you, heavy hangs the crown that makes my brain go numb.

I see you sliding down, scrabbling for purchase on the glaciers that comprise my face.
I know you’re frightened now, but there’s no escape for either of us from this place.

So feel your best intentions frosting up your throat. You make a bid for my attention, better pack your coat.
Did I neglect to mention that you’d have to cross my moat? So bring your skates too.
Chill in my antechamber here until I’m ready to face you.

So here I come now.
Soon we’ll finally see if your petition actually gets through to me somehow.
Or if we’ll be stuck in this position till your face turns blue as these walls that are cold and hard as sapphire glass.
I f-f-fractaled them into being in an instant.
Now I shuffle in, shoulders hunched, our eyes meet…
and a single drop of water falls to land at my feet.