So Much for the Tolerant Left

I believe our higher faculties make us human.
And I believe in peaceful conflict resolution.
But lately I’ve been thinking about how rules are made to be broken,
like a motherfucking Nazi’s jaw
before he genocides anyone at all.

I ask questions before I start shooting.
And I resist jumping to conclusions.
But I feel those questions have been answered to everyone’s satisfaction.
We all learned in the second World War
what these assholes really stand for,

and while violence is mostly not the answer,
you don’t negotiate with cancer.
So be like your grandpa back in the day,
and let me hear you say:

I wanna punch a Nazi!
I wanna clock a white supremacist in the face!
I wanna punch a Nazi!
What a motherfucking stain on the human race!

There’s no moral ambiguity; look evil in the eyes.
It helps you take that fucker by surprise.