Mooney Doctor II

The light from the stadium takes three whole seconds to get here
Three seconds in which I’m the loneliest person alive
I queue up the pitches and load them all into the railgun, one by one
And hope that they’re not too embarrassing when they arrive

And all the machinery murmurs its comforting updates
Immaculate steel I maintain like a surrogate body
I don’t know what half of it does, but I can’t stand the static and fuzz
that keeps me from hearing my friends on the team when reception is spotty

Asynchronous transfers and chat rooms at night
The pull of the game on a satellite
But nothing can touch me as long as I’m safely out here

When the ump attacks I see it coming from hundreds of thousands of miles away
I rotate my railgun minutely and toggle a switch
And when it’s all over my feed shows a smoldering crater on the field
And my Breath Mints all cheering me on from the edge of the ditch

I don’t know if what I just did was allowed
But I hope that it made Hewitt proud
And I hope he beats that ump’s ass when they meet in the hall

The seasons drag on in increasing resentment and chaos
They gave me a bat, it makes even less sense than before
And my fortress of solitude’s starting to feel like a prison
And I’m feeling the lack of real human contact more and more

I steal all the steel chairs and then I just toss them aside
A tantrum I throw to feel tangible down on the diamond
As the fields and the skies get more crowded I can’t disguise feeling like how did I end up here all disconnected and echoing down these cold hallways so far from the game that I’m technically playing but also completely alone and forever outside it

So when the cruel flame arcs from the indifferent dark once again
On its way from blasting all my fastest friends
I think about the Hall and if I’ll see them all in the flesh
Or whatever we have then
And I let it happen