Marquez Clark (This Is What a Real King Looks Like)

A real king has no need to wear a crown
You can tell from how the Breath Mints talk
That he’s a man of some renown

A real king knows that cricket is a classy sport
And he thinks it’s what he’s playing
Which our scout left out of their report

A real king takes a blaseball to the skull
But he doesn’t bat an eye
In fact he shouldn’t bat too much at all

A real king might get eaten by a shark
But he’ll keep a real stiff upper lip
Or his name isn’t Marquez Clark

But I don’t understand why he comes back every season
When it only means that awful things will happen for no reason
Hey Marquez, what’s the plan?
It just keeps on getting worse
Won’t you tell us what you need so that this blaseball thing of yours can run its course?

A real king takes a blaseball to the head
And I know I said that once before
But Marquez Clark got beaned a whole lot more

A real king might get noticed by the gods
And we’ll be praying for redaction but he’ll beat the odds

And it makes me wonder if the struggling can be its own reward
When the only path for all of us leads down the long blade of a sword
What is there to learn from Marquez Clark?
And how much can we see and feel before we all go down into the dark?