Based on the following art, “Harvest,” by Jenn Johnson:

A trapezoidal piece of artwork. The left, bottom and right are all square, but the right side is a bit more than half the height of the left side so the top is slanted at about a 40 degree angle. The contents are roughly split into two parts by a thick, pale purple stroke curving from the midpoint of the top edge down to the bottom edge at about one quarter of the way from the right side. On the left side of the purple divider, there's a background of concentric circles with the origin just out of frame on the left and about a third of the way from the bottom. The smallest circles are red, turning orange and then golden yellow as they ripple out. The circles themselves are heavily saturated, with the area between them filled in with lighter versions of the same color. From the fourth circle, three brown lines curve out perpendicular to the circles about fifteen degrees apart and then fold back on themselves sharply three times to form a sort of narrow angular oblong spiral. Along the first curve of each one, several more green oblong angular shapes extend by their tips at intervals, evocative of leaves on a branch. The top branch is smallest and palest, with only three leaves; the middle one is the longest, with four leaves, and the bottom one is darkest, with four. Below them, angled up and to the right, several mottled purple stripes extend across the purple divider, and above them, intersecting with the middle branch, another purple line starts from the frame's top, very pale, and curves down and up and down again to the right, growing thicker and darker (aside from one short segment where it becomes interrupted as though it had four slices taken out of it very close to each other) until it hits the right edge about halfway down. Along this curve, several spiky brown shapes each with a single point on the left a few spikes on the right, start to appear just to the left of the dividing line, proliferating and spreading out (though still roughly centered on the purple curve) toward the left side. Finally, the background of the right side of the purple divider (occluded by the diagonal purple stripes, the purple curve, and the brown shapes) is a solid but mottled murky green, the same color as the leaves on the left side. It's lighter toward the bottom and darker at the top.