God Does Not Play Dice

Inevitability didn’t make it any easier;
I couldn’t prepare myself at all.
There was a hundred meter tidal wave headed for me,
and I was building a brick wall.

Who was I kidding
to think that time could heal a wound I hadn’t even been given?
Now I’m tying on a bandage that was torn into ribbons.
It doesn’t work and it hurts like the dickens.

You only wanted three things in life.
It was a kind of joke but I’ve been really dreading the punchline.
The food and affection I could provide you with daily,
but the sleeping is up to you, except for this one time.

You used to seem to vibrate in sixteen different dimensions so how come all of my memories are quiet and empty?
I can’t think back to all the good times without hacking through the bad ones so my only salvation is random acts of distraction.
And every piece of fur I find in my clothing might be the last one.