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The process for a music collaboration with a (former) total stranger.

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how is sonng formed

Wheel Turn 2

Oct 23

As a cyclist, to heel turn, or not to heel turn?

Phil Elverum's latest album as Mount Eerie is an astonishing, tragic, harrowing listen.

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Bish Bosch

Jul 03

A look back at Scott Walker's most recent solo album, about four years later.

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Using mpd and Quicksilver to play my music on OS X.

Defending a glib SAT analogy about four Destroyer albums.

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My favorite lines in music released in 2013.

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Yeezus is a striking left turn for Kanye West but its lyrics gross me out too much for it to make my top 10.

Two albums that are mirror images of each other in many ways but share one surprising characteristic.

Woodkid's debut LP The Golden Age is masterfully constructed but doesn't make me feel enough feelings.

My favorite music so far in 2013.